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Honey Rabbit Lessons

Honey Rabbit

  Author: Margo Hopkins
Illustrator: Cyndy Szekeres
ISBN: 0307122689
Summary: A delightful story describing spring through a gentle, caring conversation between Honey Rabbit and his daddy.

Unit prepared by Melissa Crabtree
Printables prepared by Robin Diedrichs and Rose Ann Kuhns


Prepared Printables

Spring Songs and Poems
Cover Page
Season Sorting Pieces
True/Make Believe Shutterfold
Signs of Spring Hunt
Favorite Things Tab
Bible Verse Pop-up
Coloring Book
Seasons Tab
Animal Counting Flap
Bunny Finger Play
My Art  Book
Baby Animal Hotdog Book
Hotdog Instructions



Spring Creation
Read Song of Solomon 2:11-13.  Notice the characteristics of spring that are mentioned.  Be sure to share with your child that God created spring, and He wants us to enjoy His beautiful creation and praise Him for all of its beauty!




How many different animals do you see through the entire book?

How many ants do you see through the book?


Calendar & Seasons (science)

Spring is a fun season to enjoy, and this book presents a great opportunity to introduce or review the order of the seasons.  Be sure they understand that the order of the seasons is always the same.  You can talk about the basic characteristics of each season as well:

winter - cold, shorter days, snow in some places
spring - flowers blooming, warmer weather, rainy days

summer hot, longer days, less rain

fall/autumn leaves changing colors and falling off the trees, weather getting cooler


One fun activity is to take a paper and fold it into four quadrants.  Draw a tree trunk in all four spaces and draw the tree leaves how they would be in each different season.




What are the signs of spring you see in this book?  Take a walk outside and look for signs of spring in your neighborhood.

Notice the clover flowers on each page of the book.  Take a walk outside and see if you have clover in your grass!
Enjoy reading and singing the Spring Songs and Poems with your child.


Springtime Baby Animals

Rabbits are only one kind of animal that is born in spring.  Lambs, calves, pigs, birds, frogs, butterflies, and many more animals are born as well!  Do you have an opportunity to see any of these babies?  (Animals are born during springtime so that they will be mature enough to survive the winter when it comes.)



Rabbits are mammals.  They have large, floppy ears that help them detect their predators.  They use their very strong hind legs to hop and dig their burrows, the place where they live.  They are plant eaters that live in many kinds of environments.  There are 25 species of rabbits.

Season Sort
Print and laminate the pieces for the different seasons. Have your child sort the pictures according to season. Discuss his reasons for sorting in the way that he chose. Talk about how the pictures for spring represent the characteristics of spring that the rabbit discovered.


Signs of Spring Hunt
Take your child for a walk in your backyard, neighborhood, or local park looking for signs of spring. Use the Signs of Spring Hunt sheet to help guide the walk. Your child could circle the signs that are observed with crayon or marker

Tulip Picture

Social Studies


This bunny and his daddy have a very loving relationship.  This bunny knows his daddy will help him learn new things.  This daddy knows that to help his son learn, he has to help him find an answer for himself instead of just telling him the easy answer to his question.  Ask your child: What are some things your daddy (or mommy) teach you?   What are your favorite things to do with your daddy (or mommy)?


Language Arts

Truth vs. Make-Believe

Ask your child if he thinks this story is true or make believe.  After explaining or affirming that it is make believe, ask him to explain what parts of the story show us that it is make-believe.  Explain that even though a story is make-believe, many times there are true parts that can teach us things.  So, while this story is clearly make-believe with animals talking, the signs of spring we learn about in this make-believe story are very true.




Did your child notice the similarity in each illustration?  There is one ant friend that is included in each picture, even the front and back covers!  He is always near the little rabbit (or on him) suggesting that they are friends.


Have your child choose an animal from the story to try to draw himself!  Or he could draw a spring scene, incorporating some of the things he learned about it.