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If You Lived With the Iroquois Lapbook

If You Lived With the Iroquois Lapbook

Author: Ellen Levine
Illustrator: Shelly Hehenberger

Lapbook created by Jimmie

Templates (with corresponding page numbers)

p. 6-8 Names of Iroquois Wheel
p. 6-7 Maps Layer
p. 8-9 Five Nations Concept map
p. 10 Iroquois Trail shutterfold
p. 11-13 Storytelling accordion fold
p. 14-15 Wampum trifold
p. 16-20 Longhouse shutterfold
p. 23-24 Fireside and Longhouse families split matchbook 
p. 25  Clans accordion book
p. 26-27 Iroquois names accordion square
p. 26-27 Names in our Clan hexagon petal
p. 28 Three sisters 3/4 book
p. 30 Uses of Corn fan book
P. 39 Longnose pop-up
p. 34-35 Preparing Deerskin triangle fold
p. 36 Mocassins fan book
p. 37 Snowshoe fan book
p. 41-3 Iroquois Healers Wheel book
p. 44-45 Iroquois calendars pull tab
p. 48-9 Work in four seasons pocket and cards
p. 51-4 Iroquois Sports four petal books in folder
p. 57-60 Iroquois Creation Story Accordion Octagon
p. 60-64 Iroquois festivals cards with pocketbook
p. 66-68 League four flap
p. 71-76 Iroquois Council Shutterfold
p. 79 Naho pull tab

Notebooking Pages (use as desired)


Iroquois Paper Dolls

Photo Gallery (photos of Sprite's Lapbook contributed by Jimmie)