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Free Muncha!  Muncha!  Muncha!  Lapbook

Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! Lapbook
created by Tina Franks and Ami Brainerd


Lapbook Templates

My Garden T-book
Seasons Shutterflap
Beginning Sounds Simple Fold
Gardening Tools Hotdog
(Hotdog Book Instructions)
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

My Many Emotions Accordion

Rabbit Facts (no handwriting)
Seed Growth Layer Book
Positional Words Matchbooks
Rabbit Facts (HWT)
Garden Creatures Shutterfold
Carrot Lacing Card
Rabbit Facts Primary
Lettuce Sizes
Sound Words Accordion
Rabbits in my Garden Matchbooks
A Garden of Colors Layer
Cover Page
Extra Images for Decorating My Garden Grows (finger play)  

As you create a lapbook with your student, remember to connect the activities to the story.  This will make a meaningful learning experience for your student.

Language Arts

Vocabulary -Gardening Tools Hotdog
Learn the names of various gardening tools and what each one is used for.  Go outside and try them out as you plant your own garden.

Nursery Rhyme
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary Rebus Book

Use the Beginning Sounds Simple Fold to learn/review letter sounds.

Positional Words
In the story, the sun goes up and the moon goes down.  Does your student know up from down?  Does she know on, off, and through?  Have fun learning the positional words together.  For practice, use a carrot and set it on your table, under your table, in a box, etc.  

Sound Words
Can your student listen for sound words while you read?  What does he think?  Are these fun words?  Enjoy saying them together; you may even want to dramatize them.


Rabbits in my Garden Matchbooks
Learn the value of each number (1-10).

Complete Lettuce Sizes Tri-fold.


My Garden T-book
Discuss with your student what he would plant in his own garden.  Maybe you will even choose to plant some of these items this year!

Seasons Shutterflap
Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! is set in spring.  Look for signs of spring at your house.  What do you notice?  What does your student notice?  Review the four seasons and complete shutterflap book.

Learn rabbit facts (and practice handwriting) with the rabbit facts book.

Creatures in the Garden
There are helpful creatures as well as hurtful creatures in our gardens.
Discuss some of each with your student.
Helpful- ladybugs (eat harmful aphids), spiders (eat other harmful insects), toad (eats slugs, mosquitoes, and other bugs), and praying mantis (eats leaf eating pests)
Not-so-helpful- slugs, rabbits, Japanese beetles, snails, etc.

Review colors with your student as you complete the Garden of Colors Layer Book.  Encourage your student to think of other colorful garden produce.  

Planting Seeds
Show your student a seed.  Tell him that many plants start as seeds (some start as bulbs as well).  
Explain to your student that water is absorbed by the roots.  Explain that plants need sunlight, too, in order to produce food and grow.  Observe your plant everyday.  When you see new growth, be sure to record it in your layer book.

Social Studies

The farmer in this book gets frustrated, angry, and eventually FURIOUS.  Discuss anger with your student.  What should your student do when he is angry?  Discuss other emotions with your student and complete the My Many Emotions Accordion.   Act out various emotions with your student, if desired.

Fine Motor

Coloring, cutting, pasting, and sticking incorporated throughout lapbook.  Planting also requires fine motor skills.

Included in Rabbit Facts Book.

Let your student practice sewing with the Carrot Lacing Card.  Store in a pocket on the back of your lapbook.  See demo video below.


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