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FREE Wonderful Wizard of Oz Lapbook

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Lapbook
created by Tristan Rowlee

Dorothy and Toto Matchbook
Favorite Character
Cover Page
Heart Facts Shape Book
Least Favorite Character
Brain Facts
Scarecrow & Tin Woodman Minits
Memory Game and Folder
The Witch
Lion Shape & Baum Accordion Minits
Kansas and Oz Maps**
Dog Facts Flap
About This Book Shape
Tornado Shape Book
Wizard Accordion

**Template from Mirkwood Designs

This is not a full-fledged unit study, but your student can complete the minit books as your read the book aloud together. 

Here is a list of ideas as your read through the story:

~Check out books from the library about tornadoes and weather.  You can also look online. 
~Your student may want to read "Twister Trouble" (from the Magic School Bus series). 
~Make a tornado in 2 liter bottles.
~Teach your preschoolers the letter T.

~Learn more about dogs.  Learn about pet care-- especially how to take care of a puppy.
~Teach your preschooler the letter D.

Tin Woodman
~Learn about the heart. 
~Read scriptures about the heart (Genesis 6:5, Deuteronomy 6:5, I Samuel 16:7, Psalm 9:1)
~Teach your preschoolers the shape of a heart.

~Learn about crows.
~Learn about the brain.
~Read scriptures about wisdom (Psalm 110:1, Psalms 90:12, tons of verses in Proverbs)
~Teach your preschoolers the letter S.

~Learn more about Kansas.
~Learn directions (north, south, east, and west). 

Cowardly Lion
~Learn about Lions.
~Learn what courage is.
~Read scriptures on courage (Psalm 27:1, Psalm 31:24, I Chronicles 28:20)
~Teach your preschooler the letter L.

Author: Frank L. Baum
~Read a biography of Baum.
~Read another book written by Baum.

Other Avenues of Learning
~Preschoolers- colors in the book (yellow brick road, blue munchkins, green Emerald city, etc.)
~Compare and contrast the movie with the book
~Discuss fantasy and reality
~Learn about gemstones
~Learn new vocabulary words

Ideas for Older Students